coaching skills and training

For the past 23 years, I’ve been passionate about helping people improve their health, which led me on my journey from being a medically trained professional Doctor to a Health Coach. With my medical and coaching expertise, I now provide coaching skills training to Doctors and Allied Health Professionals, to help them apply coaching techniques into the patient consultation.

Research into Health Coaching indicates that during the Doctor-patient consultation, nearly half the patients didn’t understand what their GP had told them. This means they are unlikely to follow through on the advice of their Doctor or use the prescribed medications recommended. What’s more, as many as 90% of patients are reluctant to make the recommended lifestyle changes their Doctor or Health Professional suggest, because they don’t feel part of the decision-making process. As a result, patients are not reaching their optimal health outcomes.

My goal is to provide Doctors and Allied Health Professionals with the coaching skills to help improve communication and build better rapport with their patients. Integrating coaching techniques into the patient consultation results in patients feeling more engaged and invested in their health, taking on more responsibility with their health goals. This leads to increasing patient compliance with clinical management plans and achieving better health outcomes.

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speaking engagements

My passion is to motivate, encourage and give clarity to as many people as I can through speaking to groups, corporate workplaces and health professional organisations. I use my experience, knowledge and passion to inspire audiences to embrace good health. During my career, I have presented at seminars and led workshops in Australia and the UK for employees, community groups, medical practitioners and allied health professionals.

I am available for speaking engagements to patient groups, corporate workplaces and health professional groups on topics such as:
• Effective Goal Setting to Achieve Successful Outcomes
• Building Resilience and Developing New Coping Strategies
• Transitions… Strategies on How to Adapt to Change and Thrive
• Optimising Patient Outcomes by Applying Simple Coaching Techniques to the Patient Consultation

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one-to-one coaching

Whether you are a private client or if you are part of an internal corporate coaching scheme, I provide personalised one-to-one health coaching to individuals to help you get back in control of your health.

This is for you if:
• You have a chronic medical condition and are struggling to manage the risk factors for your condition or disease. For example, you may have diabetes, hypertension, obesity or stress.

• You have recently experienced a life-changing diagnosis and are coming to terms with the implications and impact on your life. For example, if you have suffered from a stroke or have cancer, visual impairment or arthritis.

• You want to improve your general health and fitness. Maybe you want to implement regular exercise, lose weight, improve energy levels, or you are coping with a new life situation. For example, maybe you are a new mum or you have had a change in your work role.

The personalised coaching helps you achieve your specific health-related targets, by giving you clarity, focus and direction. Together, we will discuss your current health condition and develop specific strategies, so you can overcome any roadblocks. I will help you design your personal action plan, with effective goals. A key tool to help you move forward and achieve your desired outcomes. The coaching sessions can be purchased as standalone single sessions, or as part of a 3 to 6 month tailored package.

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behavioural profiling

DISC profiling assessments are used to predict your behaviour towards others and understand how your personality influences you. The DISC assessment tests your personality against the Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious factors, based on your typical behaviour. As an accredited DISC and Motivators Practitioner, I provide my clients with DISC profiling and evaluation workshops to help them improve their leadership and communication skills.

DISC and Motivators Assessment

The DISC and Motivators assessment provides unique self-awareness and understanding. The benefits of this assessment include:
• Identifying what observable behaviours and values influence your decisions
• Understanding other people’s communication styles. This helps you adapt your style so that you can build stronger relationships
• Clarity on what are your drivers, motivators and personal values, which is key for effective coaching.

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group and team coaching

Unlike the traditional pathway to become a Health Coach, my professional training and experience have given me the skills and insight to design and deliver personalised coaching programs and workshops for corporate teams and groups.

Corporate Coaching Workshops

LifeCoaching By Design Corporate and Workplace coaching workshops are uniquely created for corporate clients to optimise their employee health and wellness awareness. These coaching workshops are designed in close collaboration with the client and tailored to address specific issues. I use my medical, corporate, life coaching and behavioural profiling experience together with proven coaching techniques to empower teams. The result is optimised health and wellbeing, as well as increased productivity for the individuals, groups and teams.

Patient Group Coaching Workshops

The patient group coaching workshops are more than information sessions and are ideal for patient groups. I work in collaboration with the following clients to design meaningful workshops for targeted patient groups:
• Doctors
• Allied Health Professionals
• Gyms & Community Fitness Centres
• Not-For-Profit Organisations

The workshops include professional and medically aligned health coaching, based on scientific knowledge combined with a holistic approach. These workshops focus on self-discovery, effective goal setting and ensuring the individuals progress towards their health goals.

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how I work with my clients

1. Talk with me to identify your goals
The first step is to find out what your specific issues and goals are. Perhaps you want to get motivated to make changes to your own individual or your team’s health, wellness or productivity. Or maybe you need support or strategies to feel more in control of your medical condition or deal with a significant life transition.

2. Find out what will work best for you
Next, I take time to understand what you need and then I tailor a specific coaching program or workshop to suit you and your needs. This varies from personalised one-to-one health coaching, personalised corporate or patient group workshops to training health professionals on how to integrate coaching techniques into the patient consultation.

3. Coaching and support
Once you’re clear on what you want, then we can start the coaching process. I’ll support, coach and guide you until you achieve your goals.